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Statistics on pedestrian accidents in California

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

If you enjoy walking as a form of exercise, or you walk to work every day, you need to understand the risks you face while walking near traffic. Every year, many pedestrians across the state of California find themselves injured and even killed in traffic accidents. These accidents continue to occur for various reasons, such as texting while driving, speeding, drunk driving and driver fatigue.

When an accident takes place, pedestrians are particularly vulnerable and many face life-altering hardships such as immobility, hospital bills, the inability to keep working and mental trauma. Families who lose loved ones often have serious challenges as well, such as permanent emotional trauma and funeral costs to deal with.

Pedestrian accident injuries and deaths

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, more than 890 pedestrians lost their lives in traffic accidents over the course of 2018. In fact, this represents a 26% increase in comparison to 2014. During 2018, over 14,000 pedestrians sustained injuries in traffic accidents.

In comparison to the rest of the country, the rate of pedestrian fatalities is nearly 25% higher in the state of California.

Taking steps to prevent pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians and drivers can take a number of steps to prevent accidents. As a pedestrian, you can wear bright clothes and carry a flashlight at night to help drivers see you. Look carefully before crossing the road and try to cross at designated crosswalks. Do not become distracted by your phone and always look out for vehicles.

Drivers must always remain vigilant and look for pedestrians, especially when visibility is poor. Unfortunately, even the most cautious pedestrians can become involved in an accident when a driver fails to follow the law, and these victims deserve justice.