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Pedestrian safety tips for parents and kids

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents, Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

As a parent, you probably worry about a collision between your children and a motor vehicle while they are walking between home and school or another destination. You can help keep them safe by not only teaching traffic rules to your children but modeling pedestrian safety when you are walking with them.

However, teaching the standard rules alone may not be enough. Children can become rowdy and forgetful, so you might have to highlight some safety tips that rarely apply to adult pedestrians.

Pedestrian safety rules for kids

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you should tell your children specifically never to shove or push others while walking along the side of the road or waiting to cross at an intersection. Make it clear that they are never to do this even if they are playing and do not mean to hurt anyone. Pushing, shoving or roughhousing could cause someone to fall into the street, where a motor vehicle collision is more likely.

Pedestrian safety rules for everyone

When you and your children cross the street, you should stay in the crosswalks whenever possible. If there are no crosswalks, at least cross at the intersection. Even when there is a signal indicating you can walk, first check for traffic by looking left, then right, then left again. If sidewalks are available, then you should use them, but if not, you should walk on the side of the road facing traffic.

Do not use your cell phone while you are walking, and do not let your children do so either. Everyone should keep his or her eyes on the road at all times as a pedestrian.