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What are some common risks for bicyclists?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents |

Most motorists understand that cyclists face higher rates of danger than almost anyone else on the road. Bicycles provide little protection from the elements and other drivers, resulting in more crashes and deadlier accidents.

In order to protect themselves, cyclists should know which places on the road are the most dangerous for bicycles and which conditions scenarios the most risks.

Drivers create major dangers

EMedicine Health discusses some of the most prominent dangers for bicyclists. Motorists have a hard time seeing bicyclists. Many do not check their blind spots properly, which makes intersections, four-way crossings and places where cars might turn left or right particularly risky.

Driving through areas where parked cars line the road can create a hazard in the form of a driver suddenly opening their door without warning. Many cyclists run into doors like this, which sends them flying and can do a lot of damage.

Poor terrain and visibility pose big risks

Terrain-related issues can create major hazards for cyclists. A small pothole in the road might inconvenience the driver of a car, but it could cause a cyclist to launch off their bike, breaking bones or even causing a brain injury. Other issues can include overgrown greenery that blocks a driver’s ability to view the sidewalk and properly check for oncoming bike traffic.

Cyclists may run into problems at night or in conditions with poor visibility. When drivers have a hard time seeing, they are even more likely to completely overlook a cyclist and perhaps crash into them.

Understanding the major risks can empower cyclists to take steps to protect themselves. However, accidents can still happen. Cyclists may be able to seek compensation following a collision.