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Bike race fatalities raise questions about interstate claims

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents |

Bicycling as a hobby comes with its fair share of risks, which is why it is important to invest in the right protection. However, most of the worst accidents cyclists experience involve motor vehicles. Anyone preparing for a spill is probably still underequipped for a high-speed collision and the effects may be catastrophic.

What happens when a motor vehicle accident happens to a California cyclist out of state though? KSL-TV reports on a bike race in Southern Utah that saw an accident involving two Californian cyclists.

Two brothers from Whittier, California

Authorities identified the cyclists as two brothers in their late forties. While participating in the bike race, a woman in an SUV struck them while heading the same direction. Emergency personnel found both cyclists unresponsive and they succumbed to their injuries at the regional hospital in St. George.

It is unknown how fast the woman was driving, though authorities have her booked for the investigation. Charges include automobile homicide, leaving a scene involving death, DUI and improper lane travel. She is a Utah resident

The report does not mention the families of the brothers or whether they have already sought injury or wrongful death suits.

Wrongful death across state lines

Each state has its own statutes involving wrongful death. Not only that, this situation involves insurance companies between states as well.

Wrongful death cases are sensitive and when they involve multiple statutes, it may all seem overwhelming. When it comes to recovering compensation in these times of unexpected grief, it is important to lean on resources that understand how to navigate these complexities.