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What should you do if you have car trouble on the highway?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Even if you drive a comparatively new vehicle, your car, truck or SUV may have serious mechanical issues. You may not know about these issues as quickly as you would like, though. In fact, according to Study Finds, 61% of drivers claim others notice their car problems before they do.

Usually, car trouble is more of an inconvenience than a danger. Still, if your car breaks down on the highway, you may be at risk of suffering a catastrophic injury in a motor vehicle accident. After all, passing vehicles may be moving at 65 miles per hour or even faster.

Carry your smartphone

The best time to prepare for a highway breakdown is before you have one. Every time you drive your vehicle, you should have a charged cellphone with you. This simple step allows you to call roadside assistance, emergency services or friends who may be able to help.

Move out of danger

When it comes to car trouble, you do not want to press your luck. At the first indication something may be wrong, it is imperative to pull as far off the highway as possible. This ensures you do not break down in one of the travel lanes. If you cannot make it to an exit ramp, try to park your vehicle on the far edge of the shoulder.

Stay in your vehicle

It can be extremely dangerous to walk on highways. Therefore, as long as you can do so safely, you should remain in your vehicle until help arrives. If you must exit your vehicle, walk on the outside edge of the highway’s shoulder in the direction facing oncoming traffic.

With luck, you will never have to deal with a car breakdown. Ultimately, though, how you respond to one may make the difference between a bad day and a life-changing one.