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How can distracted driving lead to hurt pedestrians?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2022 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

When you are walking along on your way to your next destination, you may not expect to suddenly have a car swerve into your path.

This kind of reckless driving can leave you with serious injuries, such as spinal cord and brain trauma. When dealing with distracted drivers, there could be multiple reasons why they choose to look away from the road and the people around them.

Watching people

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drivers trying to stare at other people near them outside their vehicles can lead to issues. They may see people gesturing at them, which can make them stay focused on anything other than where they are going.

Even a few seconds of hesitation can make it hard to take back control of a vehicle if it starts going off the road. A reckless driver may even attempt to leave the scene after hitting a pedestrian.

Listening to entertainment

Using a phone or listening to the radio can take a driver’s mind off of the traffic around them. When they choose to talk to another person or turn on loud music, those distractions can influence how closely they pay attention to anyone walking on a sidewalk or crossing the road.

Drivers can also stop too late to avoid an accident when they are staring at an object in their hands.

Quickly gathering speed

When a driver begins looking elsewhere or falling asleep while in a car, they could drive over the speed limit and start to lose control of their vehicle. This speed also makes it easier to run over a sidewalk or swerve into a pedestrian’s path by accident.

Knowing why these kinds of problems happen can help you if you are struggling after an auto and pedestrian injury.