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How do truck rollover accidents happen?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2022 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

When you drive near a large truck, you may start to worry about what would occur if the driver suddenly lost control of their vehicle.

A rollover accident happens when the size and weight of the truck cause it to topple over and slide instead of staying upright.

Sudden curves in the road

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, when a driver accelerates too quickly or fails to slow down enough as they turn, the truck can start to lean dangerously. If this continues, the whole vehicle could start to roll into the road and other people’s cars.

Since trucks are heavier and require more time to safely slow down, truckers need to be more careful about how they handle turns and highways.

Wrong corrections during driving

A trucker steering too much to one side in order to correct a minor error can end up creating a dangerous situation. While you can avoid minor problems like potholes in a car, the larger vehicles on the road need to take into account how easily they could rear-end or sideswipe someone else.

Intense weather

Driving behind a truck caught in a rainstorm or a windy day can lead to a potential crash if the truck’s wheels lose their grip on the road. The height of the vehicle can also work against it if there are strong winds surrounding the truck, which can lead to a crash if the driver is going faster than they should.

Staying aware while driving around heavy and tall vehicles can help after a truck crash.