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Do you know what steps to take after a vehicle crash?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Rear-end collisions and other kinds of car and truck accidents happen every day, especially on roads as busy as those in southern California.

If you should become the victim of a vehicle crash, do you know what steps to take afterward?

Stay safe

First, check yourself and others for injuries and call 911 if anyone needs medical help, then call the police to report the accident. If the vehicles are operational, move them to the side of the road so that traffic can get by. Set up flares or reflective triangles if you have them as a warning to other drivers. Be careful and remain alert since passersby will gawk at the damaged cars and may not see you.

Document the incident

After you exchange insurance information with the other driver, use your smartphone to take photos. Take pictures of the damage to the vehicles, the license plates and any markers such as a road sign or nearby building. Jot down notes. State the date and time. Describe the weather conditions, how the crash occurred and the direction in which each vehicle was traveling. Take down contact information for any witnesses.

Seek medical attention

Even if you believe you were not hurt, seek medical attention as soon as possible after the crash since you could have underlying injuries. If this is the case, the doctor will prepare a report with your diagnosis and recommended treatment. The medical report will serve as an important addition when you file a claim for insurance compensation. You can rely on an advocate to negotiate a full and fair settlement on your behalf to cover your medical expenses, lost wages and more.