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What are the legal responsibilities of a bicyclist when riding on the roadways?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2022 | Bicycle Accidents |

In general, the law sees bicycles as the same as motor vehicles. The same laws apply to both. If you are a driver, then you should already be aware of the laws and know what you can and cannot do.

But there are also some specific laws that apply to bicycles. You should be aware of them whether you ride a bike or drive a vehicle. Knowing the law keeps everyone safe.

Bike lanes

Some areas may provide designated bike lanes. These protected areas provide a safer option for riding on the road. They also allow for better traffic flow. If there is a bike lane, you should always use it. But understand that protected lanes, which are those separated from the roadway, are not bike lanes in the same respect, and you do not have to use them.


In some areas, you may be able to ride on sidewalks. However, it is more common for local restrictions to make that illegal. It is up to you to know the rules in the area in which you are riding your bike.

Take the lane

Bicyclists usually have to share the road with vehicles. You ride on the far right side and vehicles can pass to your left. However, there are situations when you can move to the middle of the lane and take it completely over. These include narrow roads where you cannot safely share the lane with a vehicle, if there are hazards in the road or if you are getting ready to turn left.

It is imperative that vehicles and bicyclists pay attention on the road. Being aware of others on the road can keep everyone safe.