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Coming to the United States to pursue a better life is the dream of millions of people worldwide. Unfortunately, U.S. immigration law is complex. Obtaining permanent residency can take a long time; a simple mistake in your documentation can significantly jeopardize your chances.

To increase the likelihood of achieving the results you want, work with an experienced legal advocate like Copete Law Firm. At Copete Law Firm, we represent a diverse range of people who need assistance with immigration issues such as:

  • Family-based petitions: Do you want to bring your loved ones to the U.S.? We can help you.
  • Fiancé(e) visas: If you or your spouse is a foreign national, we can help you get a green card.
  • Asylum: If you face persecution in your native country, seek shelter in California.
  • Business visas: Take your career to the next level by securing a business visa.

With a particularly strong connection to Latin people, we have clients that come from countries around the world. Our attorney, Sergio A. Copete, speaks fluent Spanish if you are more comfortable using Spanish to discuss your immigration issues.

Get A Legal Support System

The immigration process can feel isolating and daunting, especially if you do not have many family members or acquaintances in the U.S. With Copete Law Firm, you will have not just one attorney on your side, but several. We have a vast network of lawyers who can assist you with every aspect of your immigration status. When you work with us, we can connect you to immigration advocates throughout California.

Take The Next Step Toward Your American Dream

We are ready to guide you through the immigration system. Schedule an initial consultation at our Santa Ana or Downey office to speak with our attorney in person by calling 714-459-8040 or sending us an email.