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What are possible signs of nerve damage?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Getting into an auto accident can inflict different kinds of injuries. While some injuries are obvious at the scene of the crash, sometimes it takes a while for signs of a serious injury to show themselves. If you start experiencing twitching or muscle weakness, your accident may have damaged some of your nerves.

According to WebMD, nerve damage may show itself in different ways. It is possible you might mistake one or more of these symptoms as a minor condition that will pass. However, if you have been in a recent car crash, you should pay attention to particular symptoms as they may signify a serious problem with your nervous system.

Problems with your senses

Nerve damage may impact your ability to feel sensations or touch objects. Your skin could become more sensitive to outside stimuli. You may feel tingling or burning. In some cases, nerve damage makes your fingers numb. You might also experience problems keeping your balance.

Problems with biological functions

Certain biological activities may prove difficult after an auto accident. Damage to your autonomic nerves may cause bowel problems. You could feel constipated or have issues with your bladder. Some people experience problems with intimate activities. Autonomic nerve problems may also manifest through a dry mouth and eyes, a feeling of lightheadedness, and excessive or not enough sweating.

Problems with your muscles

If the accident has damaged your motor nerves, you may have problems with your muscles. Weakness of your muscles may make it hard to walk or use your arms and hands for everyday activities. Your muscles may even atrophy. In some cases, motor nerve damage can cause twitching or even paralysis, which could be a sign that you have spinal cord damage.

Diagnosing nerve damage as soon as possible may help you understand how your treatment and recovery will proceed. Sometimes nerve damage is permanent. In the event you seek compensation for your injuries and vehicle damage, you can factor in your future medical costs.