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What are the best types of pictures to take after an accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2024 | Firm News |

Taking the right pictures after a motor vehicle accident can be important for insurance claims and documentation. Clear images serve as evidence and help determine fault.

Knowing the best types of pictures to take in such situations can make a difference when seeking fair compensation.

Overall scene photos

Start by taking wide-angle shots of the accident scene. These pictures should capture the position of vehicles involved, skid marks, traffic signs and signals. They provide an overview of the situation and help establish the context of the accident.

Vehicle damage close-ups

Take detailed pictures of the damage sustained by all vehicles involved. Capture each angle, including close-ups of dents, scratches and broken parts. These images serve as evidence of the impact and can help in determining the severity of the collision.

Road conditions

Document the condition of the road where the accident occurred. Include images of potholes, debris or any other factors that may have been a part of the incident. These pictures help show the environmental factors that played a role in the accident.

Physical injuries

If there are visible injuries on anyone involved in the accident, take pictures of them. Make sure to respect people’s privacy and only photograph injuries that are relevant to the incident.

Witnesses and their contact information

If there are witnesses present at the scene, take their pictures and collect their contact information. Witness testimony is valuable in backing up facts and events leading up to the accident.

Remember to prioritize safety and only take photos when it is safe to do so. Although the time after a motor vehicle crash may feel chaotic, taking pictures for later is a step people should not miss.