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E-bike sales, injuries increasing

On Behalf of | Feb 29, 2024 | Bicycle Accidents |

Sales of electric bikes, or e-bikes, have risen in recent years. This reflects a growing trend toward alternative modes of transportation and eco-friendly commuting options. With their pedal-assist technology and ability to easily cover longer distances, e-bikes appeal to a wide range of consumers.

As a result, e-bike sales have seen a significant uptick, with more people opting for this innovative form of transportation.

Rising injury rates

Alongside the surge in e-bike popularity comes increasing injuries associated with their use. According to Fortune, e-bike sales rose 33% in the United States between 2021 and 2022. Between 2017 and 2021, emergency room visits from e-bikes and other micromobility products more than doubled. As more riders take to the streets and trails on e-bikes, the risk of accidents and collisions rises. Factors such as higher speeds, unfamiliarity with e-bike handling and sharing the road with traditional bicycles and motor vehicles contribute to the growing number of e-bike-related injuries. These injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to more serious incidents requiring medical attention and hospitalization.

Increasing risks

Riders must recognize the potential risks of e-bikes and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety. This includes familiarizing oneself with local traffic laws and regulations governing e-bike use. It also involves wearing appropriate safety gear and practicing responsible riding habits. Riders should also undergo proper training to learn how to operate e-bikes safely. This is especially worthwhile if they are new to cycling or transitioning from traditional bicycles to e-bikes.

While the surge in e-bike sales offers exciting opportunities for sustainable and efficient transportation, it also brings safety and injury prevention challenges. With proper education, training and infrastructure support, e-bikes can continue to play a valuable role in shaping the future of urban mobility.