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Most bike fatalities occur where no infrastructure exists

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2024 | Bicycle Accidents |

Bicycling offers a sense of freedom and eco-friendly transportation, especially in Southern California’s pleasant climate. However, riding a bike in this region can be perilous, particularly due to the absence of adequate infrastructure.

The majority of Southern California bicycle fatalities occur in areas where there is no dedicated bike infrastructure.

Challenges faced by cyclists

Cyclists encounter numerous challenges on their routes. A significant hurdle is the dearth of designated bike lanes or paths, leaving cyclists vulnerable to sharing roads with fast-moving vehicles. In areas without proper bike infrastructure, cyclists often must navigate congested streets. This increases the risk of accidents. The lack of well-maintained roads and signage can further exacerbate safety concerns for cyclists.

Impact of infrastructure deficiencies

Without designated lanes or paths, cyclists must share roads with motor vehicles. This creates a heightened risk of collisions. The presence of bike lanes can reduce bicycle-involved crashes by providing a dedicated space for cyclists, separating them from vehicular traffic.

Addressing the issue

To mitigate the risks faced by cyclists, communities must prioritize the development of bike-friendly infrastructure. Implementing dedicated bike lanes, paths and protected intersections can enhance cyclist safety. It can also encourage more people to choose biking as a mode of transportation. Improving road maintenance and installing clear signage can further enhance safety for cyclists and motorists alike.

ABC7 reports that 77% of all bike deaths occur in areas that lack biking infrastructure. Dubbed “high injury networks,” many of these areas lacking infrastructure for cyclists are in underserved communities, highlighting a need for more safety measures and equitable access to bike infrastructure.