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Weather and traffic collisions

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It is important to recognize the risks associated with bad weather and driving. From snow and ice to rain, hail, fog and strong wind, weather can increase the chances of a crash in many different ways. Sadly, these accidents result in far too many deaths each year, and many victims struggle with injuries that shatter their lives.

In addition to reviewing weather-related risk factors, drivers should also go over statistics on these crashes in order to remember how frequently they occur. Even when weather conditions appear favorable, they can change in an instant and result in an accident.

Rain, fog and other weather-related traffic crash risks

The Federal Highway Administration goes over different weather-related risk factors that drivers should pay careful attention to. For example, fog can interfere with visibility and increase speed variance, while wind can impact a vehicle’s stability. Snow, rain, and ice can affect traction and driver behavior, while wind can send debris into lanes and interfere with visibility by blowing snow, smoke and fog.

The prevalence of traffic crashes due to bad weather

The FHWA states that on average, more than 5.8 million traffic crashes occur on an annual basis and 21% of these collisions involve weather-related factors. To look at this information in a different way, weather plays a role in almost 1,235,000 traffic collisions during a typical year. Regrettably, negligent drivers continue to disregard safety concerns and speed, drive drunk or use their phone behind the wheel, which becomes even more risky during inclement weather.