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Fatigue and commercial motor vehicle crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2023 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Commercial motor vehicle accidents happen for many reasons, from inexperience and intoxicated driving to inclement weather and road rage. However, fatigue is particularly concerning when it comes to crashes involving commercial motor vehicles (CMVs).

For starters, those operating large trucks, buses, cement trucks, delivery trucks and other types of CMVs are especially likely to struggle with driver fatigue, which has many causes. Additionally, the impact of a CMV accident can prove especially dangerous due to the sheer size of many of these vehicles.

Risks involving CMVs and fatigue

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides information on risks linked to commercial motor vehicle driver fatigue and traffic collisions. For example, driving for an extended period of time, adjusting to a new work schedule, job-related stress and failing to get sufficient sleep can all lead to driver fatigue.

Sometimes, CMV drivers become tired behind the wheel due to working in the early morning or late afternoon, and some struggle with sleep disorders or take certain medications that leave them drowsy.

The aftermath of a CMV crash caused by fatigue

Following a CMV crash, victims can face a wide variety of challenges. From a physical standpoint, these accidents can result in broken bones, lacerations, immobility, brain damage and even death. CMV accidents may also cause financial problems for victims and their families as a result of hospital expenses, lost wages and other issues.

Regrettably, many commercial motor vehicle drivers continue to place lives in danger by working even though they are too tired to drive safely.