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Visibility when jogging near roads

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents |

Safety, especially near roads, is a top priority for many joggers in Santa Ana. The risk of accidents is higher due to the presence of vehicles.

Visibility is a key aspect of jogger safety. Every year, accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles result in injuries and even fatalities. Many of these accidents occur because drivers fail to notice pedestrians, especially in low-light conditions.

Reflective clothing

About every 75 minutes, a pedestrian dies in a crash involving a motor vehicle. To maximize your safety, choose jogging attire with reflective elements. Look for jackets, vests and shirts with reflective stripes or patterns. These reflective features bounce light from headlights back toward the driver, making you more conspicuous. Bright, neon colors can also enhance your visibility during the daytime.

Reflective accessories

Reflective armbands, wristbands and ankle bands are affordable options that can significantly improve visibility. You can wear them over your regular workout attire.

Reflective footwear

Many athletic shoe brands offer models with reflective elements built into the design. They can be an excellent choice for joggers, as the shoes enhance visibility from all angles.


If you prefer jogging with a cap or hat, choose one with reflective elements or invest in a reflective headband. These items can help drivers spot you more easily, especially when you are approaching from the side.

Small flashlight or headlamp

Consider carrying a small flashlight or headlamp. These can help you see drivers and help them see you, especially during early-morning or late-evening jogs.

Also, remain aware of weather conditions and how they affect visibility. For example, fog and rain may reduce visibility for both you and drivers. In these conditions, take extra precautions, such as wearing more reflective gear and reducing your speed.