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The importance of dashcam footage in a truck accident

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2023 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

A commercial truck collision can inflict serious injuries and rack up expensive medical and auto repair bills. Dashcam footage provided by the truck could make the difference in establishing the facts of the case.

Many trucking companies install safety technology on their trucks to prevent accidents, including video cameras. While these devices do not always succeed in stopping a crash, they can still help parties injured by the collision.

An objective record

Dashcams capture the accident as it happens, providing an unbiased record of the crash as well as events leading up to it and just afterward. This reduces the need to rely only on human memory and testimony following the collision.

Additionally, cam footage provides details that the injured driver or other parties may not have picked up on. These include the position of vehicles, speed and traffic conditions.

Quicker investigation time

Police and other crash investigators can use the dashcam visuals to more easily and accurately determine causes. The footage gives them a reliable, detailed source of information to understand what went wrong and who is accountable.

Video footage can also expedite the insurance claim process by offering clear proof of how the accident occurred. This may help an injured driver receive compensation in a faster amount of time.

Prevention of false accusations

Truck drivers or their employers may wrongly accuse the other driver of causing the collision. Clear video evidence makes it much harder for them to pin the blame on someone else and easier for the wronged driver to counter false allegations. The dashcam footage can also help verify details that back up the claims of the other driver.

Information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determined that 523,796 truck crashes happened in 2021, so knowing what kind of evidence to obtain after a collision is something any motorist should understand.