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What to know about underride accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2024 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Underride accidents involving large trucks are a concerning issue that requires attention and awareness. These accidents occur when a smaller vehicle collides with the rear or side of a large truck and ends up sliding underneath it.

Understanding how they happen, how to prevent them and the potential risks involved can help in promoting safer roads.

Underride accidents explained

Underride accidents often occur when smaller vehicles, such as cars, come into contact with the rear or side of a large truck. The height disparity between the two vehicles can result in the smaller vehicle sliding underneath the larger one. Due to the nature of these collisions, occupants of smaller vehicles are at higher risk of severe injuries or fatalities.


Preventing underride accidents involves implementing safety measures that address the specific challenges posed by the size difference between large trucks and smaller vehicles. One effective method is the installation of rear guards on trucks. These guards act as a barrier, preventing smaller vehicles from sliding underneath the truck in the event of a collision. They are also available for the sides of the truck, but mandatory enforcement for these barriers is not as common.

Additionally, improved visibility and awareness can contribute to preventing these accidents. Adequate lighting on trucks enhances visibility, which can alert drivers to their dimensions.

Education campaigns targeting both truck drivers and motorists about the risks and potential consequences of underride accidents can also help.

Underride accidents are a serious safety concern on roads. Drivers must be aware of this risk. Fostering a culture of road safety and implementing effective preventive measures can help to create safer roads where such accidents are rare events.